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The Art of Marketing

art-of-marketingOn average you are subjected to advertising by various companies once every 26 seconds. You probably see it so often that it has become a fact of life. Just think about your daily routine in the morning. You wake up and decide what to wear by checking the weather on the news. Every couple of minutes you see a commercial advertising various products. After you are ready to go you get in your car and drive to the office. Every couple hundred feet you see a billboard or a sign for a business. If you live in a city you see them even more often than that. You get to the office and when accessing your email you get advertisements on the side of the screen. You can easily see where I am going with this. Companies spend millions of dollars every year advertising to customers. Only through marketing and advertising can you get new customers. There is no time that advertising is more important than when you are first starting your business. If you invent the flying car you may not have to worry about it but, for most companies it is tough to get customers in the beginning. You can try to overcome this by offering great deals and specials for the products you sell. This makes you more desirable than other companies.

Now you already have the business and you offer the services that customers want and need. However, they will never hire you unless they know about you. One of the many skills in the world of business is proper marketing. You have limited resources and only can afford to advertise to limited people. You wouldn’t want to advertise your local restaurant to people who live an hour away. Nobody would travel that far for dinner. The trick is to think of your company in the eyes of your target customer. What kind of person needs your services and where are they found? Perhaps you realize that your target audience for your ice cream shop is the local high school across the street. You may want to go about advertising your business with sings or flyers. Show them that your ice cream shop is the place they want to hang out. All of a sudden your shop will be filled up every afternoon. This is all possible with the power of marketing. No matter what business you work in, you too can use advertising to rapidly expand your customer base.